You Win Some, You Lose Some…

The thing about waking up every single morning is that you often have no idea how your day is going to pan out. And yet, how your day goes and how you look at it completely depends upon how you choose to take things in your stride or let things slide. It’s about knowing what kind of things should or shouldn’t have any kind of power over us and how we look at the world around us. Some days are spent in a whirlwind of productivity and you find yourself in the thick of things, doing what you love and being good at it.

But there are often days when things don’t necessarily seem to go according to the plan you might have had in mind. On those days, it is important to remember that you’ve already accomplished a lot. One day of allowing yourself to slow down because of circumstances,that aren’t really under your control, will not harm your chances of success. In fact, it could be healthy to catch up on sleep, or some reading, or some me-time–whatever that may be for you!

Is it disappointing to not have things go your way? Sure. But it is hardly the end of the world if you choose to look at it differently. Not every single day can be our day, but that doesn’t mean we cannot do something about it.

There’s a certain amount of humility in accepting that you’re just a small part of this very big world and that sometimes, things are much bigger than you. There’s not much under your control and that is okay.

Surrender to the flow every now and then. It’s a lot healthier than hanging on until you have rope burns. Xx

Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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