A Little Sweet, A Lot Bitter.

Sometimes, when we decide that we have earned a break from everything that has been going downhill lately, we do end up finding our little moments of peace. But that doesn’t always last very long, and as someone who likes to blame herself for everything going wrong, I know that we all like to tell ourselves that we don’t deserve whatever little peace we have earned.

While I understand where that particular approach is coming from, I don’t always think that it is true. All of us deserve our moments of peace, especially now. Now more than ever, as it turns out.

But life isn’t always perfect and whatever little good news we get during the course of our days can always be overshadowed by the one bad thing that happens after that. Are you conflicted whether to be happy for the good, or ponder over the bad? One thing is for sure. No matter how much you let the bad take over your mental energy, don’t ever feel sorry for celebrating whatever little good comes your way. You’re entitled to your own happiness.

Remember that you’re allowed to be happy, even if there are things to be worried about. It doesn’t make you a bad person for wanting to celebrate whatever good you have left to hold on to.

Let yourself feel. Xx

Featured Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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