‘The Moments That Linger…’

Hey, guys!

I tried my hardest to write something original here after really long, but I don’t have the energy for that today. So I have brought out this work that I had left abandoned a while ago. It’s just a small passage out of a story that I attempted to write and it never really came to fruition. So I thought I would leave it out here because it has been a long time since I put any of my personal works out on here.

Happy reading! Xx

“In the moments that lingered before I took my final steps down that desolate hall, I only heard the blood roaring in my ears. Keeping myself focused would be hard work, but I would have to try regardless. It’s not as though I had much of a choice here. It was either this, or never being able to see myself out that door again.

And it was freedom I craved.

Maybe it was more than just freedom, but something inside me told me that if I couldn’t summon the courage to tell everyone out there who expected me to do things I was not remotely interested in, I would only have a life full of regrets, spent mourning what could have been instead of everything I chose to remain behind for. That didn’t sit right with me. After all, it has been a long, hard battle to come to terms with my own reality and the vision I had for it.

Giving all of that up for something that seemed within reach, easier than everything else, made a mockery out of all the years spent waiting for the moment I would see my hard work finally come to life. Was it folly to walk away from things handed to me on a silver platter? I suppose I shall never find the answers to that question because by the time I would discover the answer, I would have already let my dreams die with the curiosity.

So, in the moments that lingered, I walked out that door and decided to never look back again. Maybe, several years down the line, I would revisit these empty corridors that held nothing for me, knowing that I had the courage to chase after something that made me happy, instead of never giving myself a chance.

Maybe that was the turning point— a decision made in the moments that lingered.”

Featured Image by Danylo Suprun on Unsplash

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