Catch Your Breath.

I genuinely think that things tend to get worse before they get much better.

And by ‘worse’, I mean times when everything seems like the potential end-of-the-road. But you know what, things always get better after you give yourself some time away. It might not seem like a big step, or even a proactive step at all, but it does give you some time to think things through.  Even if it doesn’t really help you gain a fresh perspective on things, it is a great way to get a break from all those thoughts that keep haunting us.

Now that I have had some time away, and have begun taking things slow for myself, I’m noticing this sudden burst of ideas in my head that I definitely would love to work on.

I still feel as though there is a lot of mental block that I need to work through because I haven’t really been in the best headspace lately. But now that I am slowly feeling it fade away, it is easier to fall back into some long-forgotten patterns of mine, such as reading for hours at an end and actually reading fast. I had forgotten what that must feel like for the longest time because I didn’t really feel quite the same connection with books that I once used to, which was really unfortunate.

But this is just another reminder that the parts of you that make you whole, the ones that make you feel the most at ease are the ones lurking just below the surface, struggling to come up because said surface has been cluttered with a whole bunch of things that we think are important, but in reality are just really, really bad for our mental well-being. Once you begin clearing that gunk away, your real self starts peeking through, and I have to say, it feels so good when it does.

On some days, it’s incredibly difficult to even do the things that I actually like. It’s not as easy as everyone makes it out to be, I’m afraid. It’s more common a belief than one might think that things that we love doing come naturally to us. But seldom do they know that things we love doing are cultivated over a long period of time with a lot more practice than it seems. It’s not something that people are born with. Instead, it should be viewed as something that people put more work into because it’s what makes them happy.

Just know that it is okay if you work on yourself the best you can afford to in the moment.

There is so much going on these days and it is extremely difficult to hang in there sometimes. I think we can let ourselves off for being a little behind on our schedule. After all, it is always wise to give ourselves the time to recover from something, even if it is only a little bit at a time. It’s okay to feel like things have slowed down considerably in your life. But think of it this way, even the fastest people need to catch their breath.

Maybe you’re just taking a break to catch yours. Xx

Featured Image by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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