‘Wish Upon The Stars’.

This is one of my most favourite pieces that I have written so far.

This piece of poetic prose is written from the voice of a dead person who is watching over their beloved. They watch their loved one wish upon the stars for them to come back, every time they catch a falling star. There is a lot of bittersweet hope that they could be together but it is impossible and this person wishes that they could be with their beloved again, maybe in another life.

This is my first attempt at some form of story-telling in any of my pieces and I really loved how this one turned out. I have been playing with this scenario in my head for a few days and I didn’t know it was going to be from a departed’s perspective until I wrote the second part of the piece. I’ve really enjoyed writing this.

I hope you enjoy reading it as well. Xx

“I saw you there, stood under the vast expanse of inky sky– a mere silhouette, but you caught my eye. 

You with your wide-eyed gaze upon the stars, and I looking across wishing this moment was ours. Perhaps it will be someday; I let innocent hope grow in me like tender vine, all this while wishing upon the stars that you were mine.

My wishes have been impossible– they’ve never really come to pass but I dearly wish this one did as I look at your gaze trained to the stars. A quiet moment as they fall from their high grace and glory, taking all our wishes with them too, it passes over us in the breeze that carries the unmistakable scent of you.

And I watch from a distance as you wish upon the stars; I see you a make a wish, and I wish for it to come true.

I wish upon the stars and silently ask for you.

I saw you there, not knowing if you saw me, across the flowering fields of peony– petals flying to you, my silent hopes you’d look at me.

You were magnificent under that moonlit sky, did you know? I caught you wish upon the stars and I was enchanted so; you looked like a part of the scenery, and you looked right at home. I’m not one to wax poetic, but you make me so, and I wish I didn’t admire you from this distance, I wish there was more.

I knew I wished for the impossible, you were a beautiful dream. But I allowed this love to take root, for a moment if only. I think to myself if I were braver, you’d be mine. If I’d known the words to say, then, perhaps I’d have you by my side, it’s a selfish little desire. It is unfortunate and tragic that I don’t really know, if this is what you’d want, too.

But I watch from a careful distance as you wish upon the stars, and I wish everything you asked for comes true.

I wish upon the stars and silently ask for you.

I know I’ll be going home tonight, I know I’ll write of you. I know you’ll be a faraway dream, but I’d still be wishing for you.

It is perhaps as hopeless as can be but if I can let myself hope, then I’ll wish you think of me as the faraway dream that I will remain until you wish to look for me. And perhaps you’ll look back to the day under the stars in the fields, where I’ll remain a ghost in your memories.

If you look for me in the stars, it would be too late. Wish upon them for me, and that’s where I’ll be— right amidst those flowering fields of peony. I’ve seen you wish upon the stars a hundred times for me, but I remain right in your heart where you’ve held me.

And I still watch from a distance as you wish upon the stars, willing me back with all of your heart. I wish I could come back to you.

I wish upon the stars and silently hope, in another life, your wishes come true.”

Featured Image by Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

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