Shapes & Sizes.

In the past 3 days alone, I have been fat-shamed, body-shamed, called out for my acne, heard stories from my friends who were ridiculed for having a “double-chin” and have heard absolutely rude things like “Does your boyfriend not care about your weight?” or “Oh, my God! Haven’t you become really fat? Have you enrolled yourself in a weight loss program? Tell me if you want to, I know this great guy…”

First of all, I’M JUST GONNA SIT HERE AND SHOVE ICE CREAM IN MY MOUTH IN FRONT OF Y’ALL, not giving the slightest attention to the insults you hurled at me! My weight, or any other person’s weight shouldn’t be any of your concern. And thanks, but my boyfriend absolutely adores me the way I am right now and he knows that I am not my looks. Also, keep your fitness trainer and his contact details all to yourself because I don’t need it.

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Secondly, have you seen a real human body before? Because let me tell you something, humans are created in all shapes and sizes, different colours, heights, with unique personalities and just because YOU don’t like someone’s ‘fat’, don’t assume that you have the right to make them feel inferior about themselves. You never know, you could end up blown-up like a balloon in the years to come. If you can’t say something nice, keep moving, you have no business there.

‘Fat’ aside, skinny people face the exact same problem.”Are you eating properly?” or “You’re gonna get blown away by the wind” or “It feels like you’re gonna break” or “I wish I was as skinny as you”. No, people. Just NO! It isn’t cool to make fun of people because of their body shape. And fun fact: Body shaming is a form of bullying. So congratulations, body-shamers, you’re all just big bullies!


This is such a big problem right now. I mean, Lili Reinhart gets called out for eating Taco Bell and is called ‘fat’ by some random girl on Twitter. What ‘fat’? I don’t see it. Cole Sprouse gets called ‘fat’ for going shirtless on a beach! I don’t see the ‘fat’ here either. Rihanna, THE Rihanna gets called fat. I REALLY do not see how it makes sense to anyone because she is a literal Queen! Ariana Grande gets body-shamed for being too skinny. See the issue? It’s not just normal people like us, it’s not just women, but celebrities and men get body-shamed too. And just because celebs are almost always in the limelight, they get scrutinized left, right and center, and are forced to shed weight for better opportunities.

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Whatever you’re doing, all this fat-shaming and body-shaming, it’s making people develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Girls are starving themselves everywhere to become skinnier, just because some insensitive bully called her ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’. If you know people who are going through similar problems, please reach out to them and shower them with lots of love and tell them they are beautiful people and that they do not have to change for anybody.

We are all human beings, and if we keep putting people around us down to feel better about ourselves, it explains a lot about the downfall of humanity in the world. Appreciate everyone in your life and be nice to people. It doesn’t take much to be a good person and you never know, the people you show kindness to can turn out to be your greatest friends down the line. So this year, and every year henceforth, let’s all try to make this world a better place and make people smile- one person at a time. You won’t regret it, I promise.


And my dear people, if you have EVER been body-shamed, just understand that those are meaningless comments from people who want to make you feel bad about yourself. You are beautiful, talented, brilliant, and strong. You can get through anything you put your mind to. I am always here to listen to you, if you ever feel the need to vent, just hit me up. More power and love to you!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,

The Shubhster.

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  1. Ugh, so true. We humans come in different shapes and sizes. People are able to accept so many varieties of Tupperware boxes so why not get it into their thick skulls that everyone is beautiful, no matter how much they weigh. After all, when we were all just children playing with each other, we never saw the number on the scales to make friends. It really affects the mind of the person who’s body shamed. Let people live like they want; who are we to judge, right? ❤❤❤

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  2. I am so proud of you shubi.. I am sitting right now and crying that my younger sister has summed it down so beautifully something which we all face. The first thing when we all meet each other and tell OMG tu itni moti Ho gayi Hai. Love you…

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