Your Crowning Glory.

08th June, 2019

“Dear Diary,
Today, if somebody were to ask me what my greatest accomplishment till date would be, I would need to take a moment to think about it. I’m only 21! I don’t know what I’m proud of having done, yet. But if I had to pick at all, it would probably be that I have so far done everything that only ever took me in the direction of my goals and dreams. I don’t know how that happened, nor do I have any kind of advice about how to not stray from the chosen path. All I know is that I’m very proud of where I am today.”


Maybe I do have a guardian angel or two who help keep me focused. Or maybe I am just that stubborn, because every single time a person told me that I couldn’t do something, it gave me a reason to prove them wrong. I wish that the people who told me that I would never amount to anything if I chose writing as my career could see where I am today. Because, boy, were they wrong!

you were saying

I’ve always been pretty grateful and proud of who I am as a person because I’ve never let anybody have their way with me. My parents could tell you that because they’ve always known how headstrong and stubborn I can be when it comes to something I’m really passionate about. It’s pretty much how I’ve been able to come so far on my own (with a little push from the people I love, of course!). I intend to stay the same way because it’s who I am at my core.


This is where I want to tell all of you to be extremely proud of everything you’ve accomplished in life so far, no matter how small it seems in comparison to what the next person has done. Celebrate all the small victories and never let anybody tell you that you won’t amount to anything in life. You can do whatever your heart desires, and anybody who says otherwise is just plain salty that they couldn’t have their way.

Quoting a classic line from The Princess Diaries (it’s filled with gems of wisdom, by the way): It will be your crowning glory, the most glorious part of you.

Celebrate yourself today!

Cheerio! Xx

Hey, everybody! I hope you liked my post. For day 8, I had to write about what I am most grateful for having accomplished in life. Let me know what your stories are in the comments below. I would love to hear them!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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