10 Really Fun Ways to Bust Stress.

Sometimes, we just feel as though we have been burdened by something we cannot explain, and it makes us feel exhausted all the time. Every molehill feels like a mountain, and getting any work done feels close to impossible. This could be a sign that you’re under a lot of stress.


One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to let go of all the stress that has been clouding your brain, every once in a while, so that you can think better with a clear head. There are simple ways that you can tackle stress, yes. But how about you also have some fun in the process?


Since we’ve been dealing with a bunch of heavy topics in the last few days, I decided that for a change, I would compile a list of fun things you could do to unwind and get rid of all the stress that has been holding you back from really being wide awake to the world.


1. Adult colouring pages.
The more intricately patterned these pages are, the more satisfying it is to fill them up with colours. You don’t even have to buy a colouring book; you can simply print them off of the internet, from Pinterest or Google and get started. The best part is that there is no need to hurry or be perfect, so you can take your own sweet time colouring inside (or outside) the lines.

colouring page

2. Puzzles.
Jig-saw puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, brainteasers— anything that can get your mind off of whatever is stressing you out at the moment can work wonders in making you feel a little more relaxed. You can always try solving the puzzles that come with your morning newspaper or download an app that has a bunch of puzzles for you to solve when you want to unwind.


3. Doodling.
Contrary to popular belief, doodling isn’t just for people who have an artsy eye or hand. It’s a way for you to spill your mind on a blank sheet of paper, in a way that expresses you best. All that time you spent drawing suns and palm trees in the margins of your notebooks when you weren’t paying attention to a boring class? Yeah, that was just your way of stress-busting.


4. Grab a book you’re not familiar with.
Reading and re-reading a book that gives you comfort? That’s like coming back home. But the adventure that a new book can take you on really does take your mind off of everything else, including all the stress you’ve been under lately. Digital versions of nearly every single book are available online in case you ever want to randomly start reading something different someday.


5. Get yourself a makeover.
There is something about a sudden change in the way you look that can literally change the direction your life is headed in. I’m not suggesting that looks are everything; that’s a pretty shallow thing to say. All I’m saying is that when you do something to make yourself feel better after a long time, it has an immediate effect on the way you look at yourself.


6. Try your hand at cooking.
Even a simple PB&J sandwich can taste like the tastiest thing ever when you are craving for some comfort food. But occasionally trying your hand at cooking can be such a stress-buster. I remember making pancakes once and pouring the batter onto the pan and then flipping over the pancake gave me such a wonderful catharsis. Just put on your aprons and try it sometime.


7. Re-organize your wardrobe/ bookshelf.
Like makeovers, when you give your wardrobe or bookshelf a good dusting and re-organizing, you also give yourself a clean slate. It feels like a lot of work, but if you tell me that you don’t sit on the floor, reminiscing about the memories associated with a random piece of clothing or book that you just found after a long time, you’re lying. There’s so much fun in doing that.


8. Dress up for no reason.
Wash your hair, style it, put on your brightest lipstick, wear something fancy and take a bunch of totally poppin’ selfies because why not? You don’t have to be going out to make yourself feel like royalty for a bit. And the amount of time it takes to prep and groom will surely take your mind off of whatever stress was weighing you down.

tenor (7)

9. Make a new themed playlist.
Making a new playlist can take your mind off things for a while because all you are focused on is gathering all the music you can that belongs to the theme you have in mind. Bonus, you have a new playlist to listen to whenever you’re feeling a little off-balance. If you discover new songs in the process, that’s great; but you’ll also come across songs that you haven’t heard in a while and it can be quite a breath of fresh air.


10. Redecorate.
Be it something as simple as getting new sheets or curtains, or hanging up fairy lights in your room, redecorating can give your happy place a nice change that will make you feel loads better when you are finally through. It’s also a nice way to take off your mind from whatever has been bothering you and can help you with stress-busting.


There are so many ways in which you can distract yourself from the worries of the world, and these are just a few of them that aren’t boring. I hope this helps you deal with stress the next time you need it.

You’re stronger than the stress weighing on you. Remember that.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

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