10 Reminders for Self-Love & Care.

Do you talk to yourself? It doesn’t matter if it’s out loud or in your head; if you talk to yourself, it means that you have the power to either make yourself look at the brighter side of things, or overthink and ruin things completely. Words have an inexplicable power over the way we see ourselves and the world around us.


So, to make your day a little better, I came up with a list of reminders, or affirmations if you will. that will help you with self-care and self-love. You can write them down, take a screenshot, save them somewhere to remind yourself later— anything that will help you!

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1. I value myself.
This means putting yourself first sometimes, even though it might sound selfish on paper. Walking away from a conversation because it’s bearing down on your mental health? Putting your foot down when you don’t like something you’re being forced into? It’s all fair. You value yourself and you do what’s best for your happiness.

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2. I am worthy of love.
So many of us go about our day thinking that we don’t deserve the love that we have in our lives. Many even think they’re not worthy of love just because they cannot love themselves. That is not true. We are all worthy of love to somebody. There are so many different kinds of love. There is no world without it.


3. I’m allowed to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
If you’re tired of people asking you to do them a solid, making you sacrifice a good chunk of me-time, know that you are allowed to refuse or turn down people when you want to focus on yourself. Likewise, you are also allowed to eat that extra spoonful of cookie dough if you want to. Don’t deny yourself a good time. Ever.

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4. I believe in myself.
Are you ready to tackle the day in front of you? Can you finish that presentation before tomorrow? Can you make the deadline? The answer to all of these is ‘Yes‘ if you believe in yourself enough,. And why shouldn’t you? It’s a new day, full of new possibilities! You’ve been given a clean slate. Make the most of it. Take the day by its horns!


5. My time is sacred.
No one can take away the time you have set aside for your self-care. That time is incredibly sacred and it’s your happy space, away from the rest of the world. Although it is up to you whether you choose to let anybody else in your happy space, I suggest keeping this time all to yourself and recharge during this small part of the day.

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6. I am a whole person.
We make such a big deal about finding our ‘other half‘ or ‘better half‘, we often forget about the fact that we’re a complete individual in ourselves. We don’t need anybody else to complete us because there is nothing to complete. We, as a whole, are enough, and we do not need another person to fill a void.


7. I shouldn’t apologize for who I am.
It hurts me when people have to apologize for being themselves. Their true selves. I have seen people try to fit into the status-quo by trying to be just another face in the crowd, rather than being their own colourful selves. Don’t do that. You’re beautiful. You’re unique. You’re so amazingly you. And you shouldn’t have to change that for anybody.


8. I am not my mistakes.
Change is the only constant in life. We have all made mistakes that we wish we could take back. But that’s not the way the world or time works. So, the only thing we can do is to graciously accept that we weren’t right, learn from it and move on. You cannot and should not let anybody judge you by your past mistakes, especially if you’re working on making good for all of it.


9. Nobody can make my choices for me.
Autonomy! Ever heard of it? Do not allow anyone to take a call on your behalf, and I don’t mean your phone calls here. Always make your own decisions, even if you have to resort to some counsel here and there. The second you allow anyone else to make a decision on your behalf, you give them control. Take charge of your own life. Do not hand over the reins.

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10. There is no place for negativity in my life.
Negativity can often come in different forms. Exes, naysayers, pesky relatives, disguised as friends and well-wishers, people who dump all of their emotional drama on you because you were nice to them just once— all of it can bring so many negative vibes your way. The only way you can deal with these is by putting your foot down and not allowing them to weasel their way back into your life.


We’ve all got problems that we would like to take care of. Reminding yourself that you are worthy of love and care, and giving yourself that kind of love and care can solve so many of them. A healthy mind and a healthy you can achieve just about anything if you want to.

Always love yourself. Be your best friend.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash

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