Clean Slate.

29th June, 2019

“Dear Diary,
How beautiful it is that the sun rises and sets every single day? How beautiful it is that no two days are the same, and full of endless possibilities? Some days are still hard and all I want to do is shut myself in and stare at the ceiling until I eventually fall asleep. But lately, the bad days have become easier because I know that I can try again tomorrow. Sure, there are deadlines, but a flexible work schedule allows me to take an extra day when I really need to. Sometimes, giving ourselves another chance makes all the difference in the world.”\

Every single time I have a bad day, I tell myself that I get one day to feel bad and get over it, and then I can go back to being the Alpha that I know I can be tomorrow. Because sometimes, you need to start from scratch if you really want something to work— and this applies to every imaginable aspect of life. It is impossible to work on a ruined project while we’re already hurting over its failure. But remember? Rome wasn’t built in a day.



And every rising sun is a reminder that we get a clean slate, another shot chasing what we want from life. How well we put that to use is completely up to us. I have come to realize how grateful I should be for being given a clean slate every time I mess up. Either until I get things done, or give up on the task at hand because it’s outside my area of expertise.

giphy (21)

On the days you don’t particularly feel like you can put in your best, don’t fret. You’ll always have tomorrow (unless this is about a deadline, in which case, there’s a whole other set of rules in play). On days like these, don’t write yourself off as a failure, because how would you know unless you haven’t exhausted every single possibility?

Think about it when you go to sleep today.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! For day 29, I chose to write about why I am grateful for a new day. Let me know if you have similar stories or thoughts in the comments below. You can also contact me on my Instagram . I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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