Let It Be.

We all have this need to be right all the time. I get it because I would do anything to drive my point home. It’s just human nature.

But today I realized how unhealthy it can be to keep fighting until you wear yourself out. Not only does it take too much of your time and energy that could easily be channelled into doing something way more meaningful and productive. I cannot put it into words how important it is to make sure that you don’t compromise on your mental health on your way to doing the right thing.

do whats right

When my best friend told me today that fighting off internet trolls was taking a toll on her, I realized that I was letting a lot of things get to me lately as well. We are all terrified of slipping up and doing something that will disappoint the people around us. And with that, we also forget that we live this life for ourselves and the more we let everybody else control it, the less it becomes ours. Which is why I told my best friend that maybe she should just let it be sometimes because it just might not be worth it.


I have always been vocal about a lot of problems that I have had in the past/ might have currently. And I continue to be because I feel like it is important to have a positive outlet for our bottled-up emotions. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is as important as your mental health, and if you ever feel that you aren’t feeling the same kind of passion for things that drive you, it’s a good time for you to take a break.

giphy (13)

It’s not called ‘being flighty’ or ‘flakey’. It’s not running away from your problems. Think of it like sleep. You don’t think you need it because you could always go on with caffeine, but it’ll leave you groggy and cranky in the end. Just the way you need a good 8 hours of sleep, you need to take a break for the sake of your own mental health.

Let your problems be. Don’t give up on them, but let them be. They’ll still be here tomorrow and you can come back to solve them with a clear head.

Take a break. You deserve it.

Cheerio! Xx

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