Reality Check.

I’ll keep this one short. I really felt like I needed the break today.

For a while now (270 days to be exact), I’ve been writing every single day, on various platforms. My journal, my poetry journal, the letter journal I write for my boyfriend, a project that I’ve been working on, another project that I am compiling, my social media platforms and most importantly, my blog. This wonderful blog that I have worked so hard for.

typing furiously

But you know what they say about too much of anything— it isn’t necessarily good for you. And clearly enough, paired with a couple of other things that I have been going through, coming up with new ideas that can reach out to people isn’t exactly the kind of thing that can help anybody relax. Which is also the reason why I stuck to writing poetry for the last few days in a row. And it helped me a lot in simply taking a break.


Truth be told, whenever I’m going through a hard time, I take it out on myself and everybody else around me. But mostly, it makes me feel like I am not good enough. So I surprised myself today by dressing up for no particular reason to feel just a little better about myself. I don’t know how or why that helped, but it got my mind off of things that have been troubling me lately.

too much

We all have been through this at least once in our lives. Wars waging within our heads. And no matter how much we force ourselves to push forward in spite of all the obstacles, we can run out of the patience and energy, and slowly, our love for something can turn sour. And that is why it is important for all of us to take a reality check and catch ourselves before we exhaust our energy completely.


Life should be about living and thriving, not crawling onwards and simply surviving. I understand that completely cutting ourselves off isn’t possible because we have obligations. But don’t forget that the most important person you are obligated to worry about is yourself.

The world will still be spinning on its axis, with all of the problems that you need to solve, tomorrow.

But for now, rest. Recharge.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Julian Hanslmaier on Unsplash

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