Apocalyptic Hellscape.

The ground shifted beneath me
As I fell, all my wind knocked out,
Plunged head-first into cold darkness,
Impaled as though by Death’s icy shard.
Who would’ve thought it’d come to this?
The world’s burning down, and we’re left helpless.
Every new day, inching closer to the end;
More fall every passing hour–
The Four Horsemen at our tired heels;
The longer we run, the worse our soles bleed.
All the bloody footprints we left behind,
The paths we ran streaked scarlet–
As the fires we couldn’t put out roar,
Empires crash and burn to dust.
The mightiest creation soaked in blood
Still craves for more to quench its thirst,
Insatiable demons fuelled by bloodlust–
The stench of carnage suffocating,
Fighting for every breath we take,
Watching helplessly as we lose our battle.
Cut, bruised and wounded, we fight on
And we will as long as the last one stands.
Judgement round the corner
And humanity laments for what we lost,
Trapped in an apocalyptic hellscape,
Can’t find a way out of here–
Choking on the ashes of what we built,
Mourning everything pride has felled,
A nightmare that has last aeons;
The end is near,
It’s almost here.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Arthur Savary on Unsplash

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