Art Positive.

Today, I don’t really have too much to say except for this: appreciate your artist friends. Buy their art, support their art, hype them up in every way you can. They deserve it so much. I stared at the keyboard for 20 minutes straight, hoping that I could find something to write. I wanted to write a poem today, but I couldn’t get the words right so I just decided to drop it because I can’t force what isn’t happening. And I realized that writing a poem that’s barely 150-200 words is so much harder than just typing my random thoughts here.

I also realized that I sometimes don’t give myself enough credit for all the kinds of art I can practice pretty well. Appreciating others is a lot easier than appreciating yourself for something. I say so because I keep staring at my artwork until I can nitpick and find flaws that are practically invisible to anybody else. Maybe that’s just me, maybe not. But if you do appreciate everybody else’s art with a lot of enthusiasm and receive their works with a lot of support, I don’t see why you can’t do that for yourself. It doesn’t seem to add up.

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Every little bit of appreciation means so much because artists are always either taken for granted or just overlooked because people just assume that ‘anybody can do what they do’. But that’s not true. Every single artist is so unique, you can’t be them no matter how hard you try. So if you have a friend who is an artist (of any kind), make sure you show them enough love, tell them how much you love their work and hype up their work because they deserve every little bit of it.

Artists always make the world a more beautiful place to live in, so just make sure that they get the memo that they’re loved and appreciated for it. Do it right now!

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

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