A Love Song.

Caught myself falling for you,
All the love songs I felt nothing for
Slowly became about you,
As if they were meant for us
To sing together someday.
Things that didn’t make sense once
Seem to fall in place now
For every step I’ve ever taken
Has led me down the road to you–
With you awaiting me at the turn
Where you’d take my hands
And we’d walk this path as one.
The heartache is deeper,
The longing more hurtful so,
For now that I know what this is,
You’re nowhere at an arm’s length.
So here I am, humming
Those very love songs to myself,
Hoping I could write you one
That you’d then sing to me
In your butter mellow voice.
Together, we could be magic,
But for now all we do is pine;
Tell me, do you want to walk this road?
Would you want to hold my hand?
I could be your love song,
Just the way you’re mine.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Dorné Marting on Unsplash

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