I’ve Still Got Me.

I randomly tweeted something about how my immune system is strong enough for me to go to sleep and wake up perfectly fine the next morning, whenever I fall sick, and I didn’t think twice before just putting it out there that nobody fights harder for me than my body does. And although I’ve always known that to be true, I haven’t really given it too much thought. Not surprising, though, is it? Most of us do end up taking our bodies for granted. We don’t even pause to think about everything that it does for us.

Now, this is me speaking from a strictly personal point of view: I remember having had to pick myself up on my lowest days and still go about my routine because if I didn’t do anything at all, I’d end up overthinking about everything to a point where I’d blame myself for things I never really had any control over. That’s not healthy. And it took me quite some time to realize that. Unlearning something that you’ve had to believe for as long as you can remember and having to start over can be hard. But guess what? You still do it. Everyday.

Blair Waldorf

It probably doesn’t even count, but because all of my friends live pretty far away, it’s not like I had a gang who would come over for an impromptu sleepover or a movie night when I felt low. All I had is myself and if anything, it has made me stronger. Of course I love my friends who try their best to be here for me in spite of the distance. It shows how much they value me, and if the situations were reversed, I’d do pretty much anything for them, too! That’s how good friendships are supposed to work.

hayley rebekah hug

But, realistically speaking, there are going to be times when you’re not going to have the comfort of an immediate response from a friend, or a hug that you badly need, or just a shoulder to cry on. It’s times like those that truly show you how much you’ve still got yourself. It’s impressive how we can cry for a few hours and then shrug things off like nothing happened because ‘The show must go on‘. No, it does not make us weak. And no, it doesn’t make our feelings invalid. They’re still as valid as they can ever be.

our actions

I read somewhere that ‘Having the strength to take care of yourself when the world is trying to bleed you dry is the strongest thing in the Universe,’ and no matter how many times I read it, I know that it’s going to amaze me. No one can and no one is ever going to fight for me as hard as I am and I think that is beautiful. And it holds true for all of you, as well.

arya stark

I know it doesn’t seem like it because 2020 keeps throwing one thing after another at us, every single day, and nobody knows when or how anything is going to go back to normal, even if they ever can. But, to those of us who have made it thus far, what makes you think you can’t handle whatever comes next? You can and you will fight. You don’t have to believe me right now. But you’ll see when you find yourself fighting for you.

You’re going to be okay as long as you’ve got yourself. I can’t say this for 100% of you because there might be bigger things that I don’t know of. But I am speaking for myself when I say that I’m proud of how hard I fight for myself. And I won’t ever stop.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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