What’s Not Clicking?

Out of all that is going on right now, what terrifies me the most is that people have become so numb to news that should spark outrage, they don’t even see a point in speaking up against things anymore. It’s quite heartbreaking when you think about how much we can change things, or prevent similar things from happening in the future if only we’re brave enough to be loud and outspoken about it. I don’t know what’s not clicking for everyone who still chooses to look in the other direction. I don’t understand what part of ‘humanity needs to be fought for’ hasn’t registered with a lot of people, but I’m glad to see some of them slowly starting to be vocal about the events around them.


Of course, I understand that I need to respect people’s choice in whether they want to talk about something or not, but this is literally the worst time to be silent because your silence means that you’d rather watch things go down from the sidelines and not have any part in it. Your silence makes you complicit, whether you know it or not. This is not the time to be silent or numb. Yes, we all have a choice. We don’t really have to talk about things that we don’t want to. But, here’s the thing: not raising your voice against injustice is the same as you siding with injustice. Being silent, knowing that you could have made a difference makes you a part of the problem.

part of the problem

I’m not calling any of you inherently problematic, let’s get that straight. But, I have to say that I am very disappointed in a lot of people I know because their silence is deafening. I don’t even have to mention what people need to raise their voices against, that’s how you know how bad things are right now.  It’s multiple things happening all at once and it’s just one thing worse than the last. I’m not sure how to process all the information that I honestly cannot look away from anymore. I’m saying this because, not too long ago, I used to think that speaking up for something was not my business. But the more I try to educate myself, the more I begin to realize that there are so many voices out there, but not enough. There will never be enough voices.

speak louder

Well, at least, there won’t be enough voices until we consciously make an effort to educate ourselves about everything going on. It’s a whole process that we all need to go through at one point or another. I am, once again, asking you all not to run away from news that can be distressing simply because ‘it doesn’t concern you’. If you’re interested in useless things such as who wore what to the Met Gala, you should also be interested in the more important things going on around you. I’ll never be able to understand why there isn’t enough outrage, given that we’re going through a really bad time. Again, I know it can get really tiring. It drains you out completely. But that’s no excuse for you to continue to remain silent.

speak u

This world is full of people who are constantly trying to tear each other down. So much that it makes us ignore the real enemies. The real threats to humanity. Why, you ask? Because when we are silent and let things keep going on the way they have, nothing will ever get better. There is no way around it. You’re probably thinking about how easy it would be to sit back and let people who are already fighting do their job, but do you ever think whether they get tired? If you’re tired of simply having to hear about the things going on, imagine how tired people who are trying to make a change would be.

just getting started

All I’m asking of people who are still running in the opposite direction every time there’s a piece of distressing news because it ‘doesn’t go with the theme’ of your social media feed, or because you’ll ‘lose followers’ for speaking up, is that you start being a little more vocal about things. I’m sure it’s not an unreasonable thing to ask of anybody, considering how much power you have over the people who follow you.

Use that power you hold for something good, maybe? Power in useless hands is, unfortunately, still useless.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

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    1. I would like to say, if any one would like to raise thier views against injustice , for that they need a platform , otherwise the voice will be look like odd man out, because lies always said loudly, but truth should carry weight & impact ful.

      Always truth win.

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