False Vows.

A heart that once would sing
Merry melodies of love
And odes to a distant lover,
Now lies silent and broken,
Humming the melancholic blues
Of a numb pain left behind;
The sobbing so faint,
You’d call it a sigh,
Barely a whisper,
Barely a cry.

The tears ran out long ago,
All there’s left are empty eyes,
Once wide, shining with hope,
Now marked by streaks run dry.
There’s nowhere to look,
The world all around a dull grey–
The skies that once brought colour
Now remain overcast all day,
No reason to stay,
No strength to walk away.

All love poured out on paper,
With no more left to give,
If pages etched with ink could speak,
Imagine how they’d sing!
A foolish dream under a song’s garb
And memories never made,
Like names written on wet sand,
With the tides of time they fade,
Leaving no scar,
Leaving no trace.

Hands reaching for another’s,
But there is none to hold,
Palms open under the pouring rain,
As the droplets fall,
Cold and hard,
Leaving behind a lingering pain,
One with no known cure,
One that’s here to stay,
Might as well let it consume me,
Might as well get carried away.

What could have been carved on rocks
To last for all eternities and beyond–
What a shame to have crumbled with time!
Perhaps nothing is truly forever,
And eternity is but another lie.
Oh, to believe in the false vows,
To drop from the highest of highs
Only to fall to the lowest lows,
Maybe in another life,
Maybe another time.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

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