Rainy Blues.

Songs about love and heartache,
The sound of the pouring rain,
A gentle breeze,
A misty spray,
Tears for the one that got away,
With a pen in hand
And pages blank,
I hope to write about it,
But the words don’t escape me
So I wonder if I can.

Cloudy grey skies,
A cold darkness,
Pen still hovering half-way,
Several lines written
And then scored off;
No words good enough,
None will ever be–
So much left to say
And not nearly enough time,
Watered down to an unfinished rhyme.

The songs fade into nothing,
The sound of the rain a white noise,
Humming in my ears
The most gentle lullaby,
Rocking my restless soul to sleep.
Dreams of dancing in the rain
Have never felt further away,
And if I had to wake up
I hope I could hold on to this dream–
What I wouldn’t give to make it stay!

A gloomy evening
Slowly fading into black,
Humming a familiar melody
Of endless love and longing–
One I hoped we’d sing together,
But it’s all I have left instead.
A tune that’s more a part of me
Than love could ever be,
But a love so deeply etched into souls,
How do I ever erase?

If the rain could wash the pain away,
I’d soak myself to the bone,
Let my heartbreak go as the raindrops fell,
Washing the memories away,
Like they were never there–
Just like your love for me,
Perhaps we were never meant to be,
And now you’ve walked away;
And someday soon, I’ll let you go,
My broken heart, whole and free.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Rhendi Rukmana on Unsplash

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