Force of Nature.

Fly right into the stars up above,
My little bird, you’ve got the wings to soar,
Out of this world, wherever they take you,
Wherever your heart tells you to go.
No shackles to hold you back,
Nor any height you cannot scale,
Not a force in the world strong enough,
For who could compare to a soul that fights fate?

Fly with the colours of the wind,
My little bird, you have far to go,
The skies are yours, my love,
The highest peaks and the valleys low.
Soar across the oceans stretched vast,
Let your wings touch the first drop of rain,
Tell me what the first ray of sun is like,
Fly to your dreams and never look back again.

Fly to someplace far, far away,
My little bird, the world is your oyster after all,
Stumble around, sleep under the stars,
Deeper in love with the moon you’ll fall.
The things you have yet to see,
A whole world out there awaits,
Not a thing in the world you cannot be,
You were only ever meant for all things great.

Fly away to the heavens up high,
My little bird, it’s a cruel world;
At your glorious wings, should the daggers fly,
Remember your strength and how far you’ve come.
No gem ever shined as bright as you,
You paint the world in colours unseen,
Leaving love and joy everywhere you go,
The most beautiful art to have ever been.

Fly to your heart’s content,
My little bird, happiness becomes you,
Sing your songs as sweet as honey,
As delicate as the early morning dew.
My muse, my source of endless poetry,
You only deserve the whole world and more–
Rise from your ashes, my little phoenix,
You’re a force of nature, stronger than ever before.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.
Dedicated to my best friend, my muse, my source of endless poetry, living art, my soul-sister- Anupriya. 

Featured Image by Jason Wong on Unsplash

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