Thousands of Things.

A thousand different stories I have
And not enough time to write them all,
A thousand worlds that I want to see
And not nearly enough life in me,
A thousand pictures I could paint
But not enough room on the wall.
A thousand colours I want to touch
But so many elude my mortal eyes,
A thousand melodies I want to hear,
Not nearly enough instruments to play.
A thousand words that I’d rather say,
And none that feel good enough,
A thousand lifetimes I could live,
But at some point, I’ll run out.
A thousand songs I want to sing
And not enough air in my lungs,
A thousand conversations to be had
But not a soul patient enough to talk.
A thousand friendships to be made,
And more who will walk away,
A thousand laughs to be shared
With the ones who would choose to stay.
A thousand faces to meet:
Some I’ll fall for, some would break my heart,
A thousand promises to be made,
Who knows which ones will fall apart?
A thousand books I want to read
And not enough patience in me,
A thousand stars I want to count
But somewhere along the way, I lose count.
A thousand masterpieces to admire
Yet, all that enchants me is the flaws.
A thousand cycles of the moon
Each one more magical than the last,
A thousand memories I want to make,
All the pain left behind in the past.
A thousand things I am yet to see,
A thousand more will come for me,
A thousand milestones I have to cross,
A thousand things to do, a thousand places to be.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

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