It’s Quiet For Now.

Voices fading out into a void,
Not a single soul to reach,
Suffocating with the thoughts inside,
A turmoil that nobody can see.
Shards of ice pierce through the soul,
Thoughts bleeding into ink;
I wonder why it’s all too quiet now,
I can’t even hear myself think.

Words died out at the tip of my tongue,
Songs don’t appeal to me as they once did,
The sky doesn’t change colours anymore,
And the moon stays behind the clouds, hid.
Voice drowned out, drifting away with the tides,
Colours stripped down to a dull grey,
Somehow, it’s all too quiet,
No words left in me to say.

Time passes me by and I don’t know how,
The days seem to be on an endless loop,
This purgatory life is what we have now,
No longer do we look forward to a day new.
The birds don’t chirp outside anymore,
The gentle breeze doesn’t come by,
It’s all too quiet for now;
I wonder what comes next for you and I.

Sure would be nice to have a friend with me,
But all we are is together in spirit,
Left to walk through hell all alone,
Not a single soul to hold hands with.
Of all the things under the sun,
We’ve somehow run out of things to talk about,
No voices, it’s quiet for now,
Nobody to hear our souls scream and shout.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

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