Just Another Excuse.

Today, I realized that I am, indeed, the happiest when I have my hands covered in glitter, ink or paint. Painting is as calming as it is laborious, and it brings me as much peace as writing does. I spent all of today working on two different commissioned paintings today and I have never felt more at peace with what I do.

The kind of happiness that comes with newly bought art-supplies and first stroke of the brush on the canvas is pretty much unparalleled to me. That is not to say that I don’t get tired of it sometimes, because who doesn’t? We’re all just wonderfully human and we all need a change, once in a while. So, as much as I would love to say that I could spend every single day of my life painting, I wouldn’t actually do it because I definitely need an escape.

ursula kiki

Today also made me think about how I am one of the luckier few who actually get to pursue their dreams and do whatever makes them the happiest. Not a lot of people have that privilege, and I can’t ever understand the kind of heartbreak that comes from having to give up on your dreams because you have to be more practical about your life. But, to those of us who are just holding back on doing what we’re passionate about, I ask, what’s stopping you?

I’m not saying you have to do what you love professionally, but if something makes you happy and brings you peace, it’s worth keeping in your life. It doesn’t matter what other people have to say about it, you know, unless it’s something that is actively harming you or the people around you. But passion, as I have come to understand, can be a wonderful thing. It finds a way to stick around no matter how many times you try to stamp it out of yourself.

Passion is one of those things that engraves itself deep, deep into your soul and it’s extremely hard to get rid of. So, if at all you’re wondering what it means for you, think about the one thing that you always find yourself going back to, something that brings you more joy and peace than anything else ever has. I’m sure you’ll find the answer.

you've got this

Anything else that you feel the need to tell yourself to stop going after what you love is just another excuse. Nothing is ever good enough once you’ve felt the kind of happiness that one thing you’re passionate about brings you. It’s like having a favourite food joint or a particular flavour of ice-cream that always cheers you up, only a lot more.

I’m sure we’ve all got a million reasons to not do what we love, but all it really takes is one good reason. One reason can be more than just ‘good enough’. Aren’t you the least bit curious what your life would be like if you could still hold on to what keeps you going? The possibilities are endless. But the choice is, and forever will remain, yours.

What’s your reason?

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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  1. I feel like I’m only ever moderately passionate about something in random bursts of time and then I let go of it. I guess it’s kind of really hard to find what I keep coming back to. Nice post, made me think about it a little more.

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