‘Better Things’.

Sometimes, we let setbacks crush us and demotivate us. And it is very valid because nobody likes to see their work go down the drain. But there are times when we let those setbacks fuel us into working twice as hard and smart to make up for the setback we suffered. How we deal with our setbacks can be something so personal and I’ve been through both of these in the last two days and I realized that the way I handled these situations was a result of me learning from my previous setback.

When we’re told that maybe there are better things in store for us, the first emotion that bubbles up is always anger because how in the world can any good come of a setback? But it is not until we’re faced with the same situation that we realize that we have, in fact learned from what happened to us the last time and that we simply refuse to let things hold us back once again. It’s never the easiest thing to pick yourself up and get back to working on something that went so far down the hill that it seems like starting over again, but it’s not impossible.

Everybody has their own reasons and that is fair enough but sometimes it just feels like maybe, just maybe, if we had given something another chance, in the case of something actually deserving, we might have just succeeded at it. But the thing is, we don’t get a second shot at a lot of things and for those that we do, we are often unwilling to take it because we’re scared it will go wrong again. It is difficult to even consider the possibility that things might go our way for once. But how are we ever going to know if we don’t try it?

It’s going to be the scariest step you’ll ever have to take, even if you’ve learnt from a hundred mistakes. It’s not failure we fear; it’s the fact that things are so unpredictable, you never know what you’re going to wake up to tomorrow. But we do it anyway and we take the day one step at a time, as we should.

What’s stopping us from tackling other things the same way?

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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