Are We?

Sometimes, we all have those days when we wonder what on earth is wrong with us and why we never seem to get the things we truly want in life. It always seems as though we are falling short of something even though we¬†know that we’ve been doing just about every single thing in our power. Sometimes, there is no explanation as to why our lives seem like a never-ending uphill battle. I mean, I guess we could always whine about how unfair everything really is, but that can only get us so far.

I think that, in such times, we fail to see how important it is to us when someone actually gives us the kind of hope we need to keep going, no matter how bleak the said sliver of hope seems. It comes as a breath of fresh air after being trapped in our own minds for a very, very long time.

We get caught up in this massive tidal wave of self-doubt and never think about the damage it could be inflicting on us. I think it is very important to voice out our fears in a safe environment, where we know we will be heard. It’s not easy to tell what that environment will be, exactly, But today, when I did end up telling my Mom that I felt as though I was being left behind and that it looked like I would never find the kind of life I wanted, she was quick to remind me that things don’t need to happen within the time limits set by the world outside.

I wonder why I keep talking about it so often but find it incredibly difficult to remind myself that I shouldn’t measure my worth in terms of everybody else’s success because that would mean not acknowledging my own growth. It would mean that I don’t see myself as someone good enough to achieve the things I really want. I think a lot of us go through moments where we don’t really believe that we are good enough to be where we want to be.

It might not always be the easiest thing to remind yourself of all that you are worth, because our minds are often programmed to be mean when it comes to ourselves. I guess it’s part of why we are unable to go through with the kind of advice we give others. But, for the most part, I think it’s a good thing to let ourselves voice out our own fears, even if it is only to let ourselves figure where we’re actually going with this.

Don’t keep it all to yourself. Xx

Featured Image by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

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