I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly some of us are beginning to lose interest in the very things that made us feel something in the first place, and a lot of it can be traced back to the fact that we haven’t really been given a lot of reason to be motivated. If anything, every other day brings in a fresh wave of disappointment and fatigue, and it takes close to¬†forever to get out of that slump. I feel terrible about not being able to come up with anything creative as often as I would otherwise like to, but I’m afraid I’ve been in a slump that has been a little too difficult to get out of.

I feel as though we all need constant reminders that certain things can be fleeting in life. Our feelings towards certain things are allowed to change over time because we are always learning how to do and be better. If something no longer brings us happiness, or if something tires us out more than it makes us happy, we need to evaluate where we are going wrong with it and if we really should hold on to it. Sometimes, taking a break can do the trick. But most times it’s not the lack of motivation itself, but the fatigue from a really long time of pushing ourselves into doing something we do not acknowledge tires us out.

I used to feel that I could write something new and profound every single day for the rest of my life. I still love writing and I am still trying my best to reach out to people everywhere with my writing. But I can no longer ignore the fact that it has taken a toll on me. I can no longer just pretend that if I just ignored the bad, then I can never experience it. Then again, ignoring a problem to the point where it begins to feel a lot bigger than you can handle is never a healthy way to deal with it.

So, sometimes, we end up falling out of our carefully crafted routines in spite of ourselves because it really isn’t our fault that we have problems bigger than something as simple as a routine. Truth be told, our feelings can be as fleeting as our thoughts and they are allowed to change over time; it is healthy for them to change, even. Falling out of your routine and not being able to find the time to do something you love doesn’t mean that you no longer like doing it. It probably just means that you’re exhausted after a really long stretch of trying to keep pushing on and your mind needs a break.

It’s only natural to feel exhausted. It’s okay to take some time off for yourself, even if you’re not able to do anything productive with your time during the whole process. The whole world is much bigger than us and we cannot always expect ourselves to carry it on our shoulders.

Breathe. Xx

Featured Image by Ranah Malberg on Unsplash

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