Things We Leave Behind and Those We Carry.

Dreams, people, things, regrets, pain, love… There are some things that we will always carry with us, and some others that we might have to leave behind. When we think about all the things that we have left behind and let go of in the past, it all comes down to a very simple concept: choice.

We choose one thing over another, and our choices always depend upon a bunch of circumstantial things that can be anything, really. But years later, when we look back at that exact moment that we left things behind or chose to carry them with us, we are reminded of how differently things have played out for us, now that we can see them from a better perspective.

I always think about all the dreams we had as children, and how not all of us can truly say that we carried our dreams well into adulthood to make them a reality. A lot of us have had to leave so much behind because it was too painful to lug our past around with us. And that is the whole point of leaving something behind, isn’t it? If something no longer serves us a purpose, if something no longer brings us happiness, love, or peace of any kind, why must we burden ourselves with it?

I often wonder how many of us have had to leave things behind because we had no other choice back then. I wonder if we have any regrets about not being able to go back to them. If we were ever given a second chance, I wonder how many of us will ever act on it. I wonder if we have carried any resentment towards the past into our present. And I wonder if it is ever possible to let go of the resentment towards our unfulfilled dreams. Most of all, I wonder how many of us have had the courage or the confidence to let the past be buried with time.

But the truth is that not everybody gets a chance to follow their dreams. It’s not always an excuse, as people like to call it, rather, people have other obligations and responsibilities that keep them from doing what they want in life. Could they have made it happen if things were different? Maybe. Then again, nobody ever knows how the future is going to pan out for any of us. There is no way to tell that people put through a certain situation will respond to certain things in a certain manner. That is obviously not the way things work and it doesn’t decide how tomorrow is going to look.

We do play an important role in deciding how our life is going to be, but the most important factor is the way we choose to look at things and make them work in our favour. Of course, it’s not something everyone can do because of choices and circumstances. But those of us who are given the opportunity to leave things behind that no longer bring us any happiness still hold on to so many regrets. Maybe there is no reason why we do so. Maybe it is just one of those things that is very hard to let go of.

But for those of us who have chosen to let go of things and find new dreams to chase, I cannot tell you how courageous that is. I have never had to understand the pain of letting go of one’s dreams to chase a new one because I’ve pretty much had one dream all my life, and in spite of all the speed-bumps I’ve hit on my journey lately, I’ve not yet been discouraged. I try to hold on to them as much as possible. But I understand that some people are mature, satisfied, and happy enough with their current dreams to let go of their old ones.

Here’s to everyone who is chasing new dreams and here’s to everyone who has yet to let go of what troubles them. I hope we all find our own little bit of peace, one lesson and one less burden to bear at a time.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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