Much Cribbing.

“I really need to get this! Dad, can I please buy this?”

“OMG, I don’t have this! I never get what I want!”

Sound familiar? If we come to think of it, we all complain and crib way too much. We make a big fuss about little things that probably wouldn’t even matter in a few days. Now I’m not saying that I’m the person who never complains- I do, a lot! But something happened over the past few days that made me think twice before complaining about what I have.


I recently went on a camp with children who had survived severe burns at a very tender age in their lives, some of them having sustained major burns at ages as low as 9 months old. Most of them were from a very low financial background. In spite of all this, I never saw a single child complaining. They were all bundles of sunshine, loving, caring, warm, friendly and really, really talented.

Many of them had lost their fingers, some had their faces badly scarred, some were still recovering from their accidents, but none of them complained about anything even once. It really made me wonder. They’re just kids, some of them don’t even attend school. They have faced so much in their lives, suffered such a tremendous amount of pain at such a young age, passed through a phase of low self-esteem when they should have actually been playing outside, blissfully unaware of the world out there; yet they chose to move on from their darkest phase and made an effort to come out of it.

They were all smiling as if nothing had ever happened to them.That smile on their faces was so genuine, I cannot even begin to explain the sunny feeling I felt when they all smiled. It made me ten times happier than anything else ever would. It was the one of the most priceless feelings in the whole wide world. I felt fuzzy and warm inside, as if a ball of warmth was spreading through me on a cold winter morning.


The whole point of this camp was to make the children feel better about themselves, to make them smile, to have fun with them and give them a lot of attention. But it was also a major learning experience for me because as a person, I got to learn so much out of it. Sure, it’s my job, every camp has to be a learning experience. But this kind of an experience is something that not everyone gets. I consider myself lucky enough to have been a part of such a good cause.

Now think, don’t we all complain too much unreasonably? You could have been in a situation far worse than the one you’re currently cribbing about. Learn to be thankful for what you have. It’s high time that we quit complaining about the little things in life and started being a little more grateful. For all we know, someone somewhere is probably regretting not having appreciated what he had!

“God abandons only those who abandon themselves, and whoever has the courage to shut up his sorrow within his own heart is stronger to fight against it than he who complains.”
― George Sand, La Petite Fadette

Comment below and let me know how relatable this is! Also, do tell me what you would like me to write next! I would love to hear from all of you.

Cheerio! Xx

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