Why Is ‘Breaking Up’ An Option?

So, the silent and keen observer that I am, I can’t really help eavesdropping or paying attention to the minute details of my friends’ love lives.  Every time there is some kind of a trouble in paradise, I make it a point to be there for them, no matter how busy I am. I’m going to keep their identities a secret, for pretty obvious reasons.

But the one thing that keeps annoying me is how everyone seems to take the ‘break-up‘ road, following the pettiest of issues, that can definitely be solved by talking to each other. There is one part of me that wants to tell my friends things the way they actually are- ‘Excuse you, you are being a petty little creature!‘; and the other part of me wants to be the sensible, supportive person- which is a very difficult thing to do, especially when your friends are being total airheads!

“Stuart needs ‘space’ and ‘time,’ as if this were physics and not a human relationship.”
― Kathryn Stockett, The Help


I want to ask you, just why do you even have an option called ‘breaking-up’? Like, do you think it’s some kind of a fad, or do you think you can have a whole ‘Ross- Rachel-We-Were-On-A-Break-I-Got-Off-The-Plane‘ drama just for kicks- I really want to know.

Now, I get why two people have to break up for obvious and genuine reasons, such as cheating, or falling out of love, emotional or physical abuse, or something else that just can’t be fixed. But for petty arguments, you guys? Really?

Oh, so you went to the movies without me?‘ *Break-up*

So, I came all the way over here to meet you, but you can’t meet me?‘ *Break-up*

More like, ‘So you did something completely normal because you needed some space?‘ *Break-up*

Get over yourselves, all of you! The whole point of a relationship is making things work. And if you don’t think you can handle that, you shouldn’t have gotten yourself into one. Not only are you causing each other pain by somersaulting down Breakupville, you’re running away from problems like a coward.


Look- I get it! You live in the 21st century where you think ‘breaking-up’ is apparently the coolest thing to do, ever. Well, news flash- it isn’t cool; it is anything but! Why is this even considered ‘cool’? I really don’t know why people think it is a fad to break-up every time they need some space!

Let me tell you something, boo! If your elders had known the concept of breakups, you wouldn’t exist today! Your entire gene pool would have been a mess if they had gone around breaking up with their partners for petty reasons just like you do these days!

Why can’t you just sit down and talk things out like normal human beings? Okay, so you have some misunderstandings- clear them out. Most of your so-called misunderstandings arise from the lack of proper communication or trust. If soldiers’ wives could wait for months for one letter from their husbands, I think you can survive a few hours without a text from your boyfriends. It’s not going to kill you!


Honestly, you guys! Learn to fix these little misunderstandings between yourselves. This is not your iPhone 7 where your Dad will get you a new one if you lose it, break it, or get bored of it! Stop treating people like things you ‘get bored of.‘ People are not ‘things’- they are human beings, kinda’ like the creature you see when you look into the mirror. Learn to face your problems!

Keep the option of breaking up, OFF THE DAMN TABLE!


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Yours truly,

The Shubhster.

3 thoughts on “Why Is ‘Breaking Up’ An Option?

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  1. So true. There are so many problems that’ll sort themselves out if only we talked to people, rather than about them. It’s really annoying when something happens in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, and instead of talking to the person, you talk about them with other people which imo simply aggravates the problem. No one will understand you until you help them understand. We ain’t got telepathic communication devices yet to read your thoughts.
    Except dogs. They can read your mind.

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    1. Yepp! According to me, it’s the concept of ‘replacing’ that has taken over our everyday lives, is the problem. We replace everything that’s broken instead of trying to fix it. Another problem is that we love things and use people. These two problems combined is where ‘Break-ups’ and ‘rebounds’ come in. It’s all about replacing people, instead of things- which is sick, and sad.

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