The City of Dreams.

19th June, 2019

“Dear Diary,
I remember how stubborn I was, 4 years ago, refusing to call Mumbai ‘home’ just because I didn’t want to embrace yet another change in my life. But then Mom told me that moving here might bring me a lot of good fortune because it was called the ‘City of Dreams’ and I’d have a better shot at turning my dreams into reality here. Here I am today, a few steps from actually being able to call myself a legit ‘Writer’ and it all just seems so surreal to me at this moment…”


I came to this city as a 17-year-old, wide-eyed and full of ideas and dreams. I remember when I wanted to apply to the college I studied in, the professors asked me why I wasn’t pursuing a degree in Science. I very confidently looked them in the eye and said “Because I want to be a writer,” and I could have sworn that they smiled. And it wasn’t the kind of smile that mocks stupid teenagers, it was a genuine smile. I’ll never forget that moment.

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See, from the moment I stepped into the city, it had embraced me as one of its own, as much as I tried not to let it grow on me. But it grew on me and dug its roots pretty deep. I soon began to understand why Mom said that it could be good for me. I had become tougher and far more independent than I had ever expected myself to be. The more I explored the city on my own, the more I realized how much life and colour it was brimming with.

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You see one thing about Mumbai in the movies: the crowds, the state of the city in the rains, the slums, the traffic. But what I saw was pure life; towering skyscrapers, a systematic life and endless possibilities. People actually come here to make a better life for themselves. Nobody judges you for what you wear or how you look— which was a breath of fresh air because I couldn’t even walk to coaching centres in school uniform back without being stared at, back where I used to live. It felt a lot like freedom and independence and I loved every bit of it.


4 years in, I’ve met a lot of amazing people here. My perspective has changed so much for the better and I have more confidence in unapologetically being who I am. Moving to this city was one of the best things to have possibly ever happened to me, and I can tell you that it was just by chance. But call it ‘placebo’ or optimism or whatever, the way I see it now, it feels like fate. I feel like it’s where I truly belong: among people who inspire one another.

So here’s to the City of Dreams that I once refused to embrace, but now call ‘Home’ instead. The magic hasn’t worn out yet and may it never fade.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! For day 19, I chose to write about why I am grateful for the city I live in. Leave me a comment below if you like my post, or want to share stories about your city! I would love to hear from you. You can also contact me on my Instagram!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image: ©Shivam Bapat 

7 thoughts on “The City of Dreams.

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  1. Mumbai…aaah! All that comes to my mind is the number of people, yes they have no time to look at you or judge u…yet there’s so many of them…
    Mumbai will always be about ‘Marine Drive’ to me…nothing else really. As soon as I get to Mumbai…the sooner I want to get out.
    But Mumbai is truly beautiful in all its madness. It’s that kind of girlfriend you have…u can’t really love her too much or hate her too much, but she’s all you’ll ever want…that’s a mumbaikar for you.
    – a happy goan


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