Is Love Truly ‘Blind’?

Well, this is an extremely tricky question, isn’t it? The answer is yes, but also noYes, love is blind when it comes to minor ‘imperfections‘, little quirks and mannerisms that grow on you in a way that you can’t begin to explain. But then, love isn’t and shouldn’t be blind when it comes to toxic behaviour (I can explain!).

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When we fall in love with somebody’s quirks and mannerisms, we choose to love them for who they really are. It’s not emotionally draining. You want a more emotional connection than just being superficial about it. It’s an extremely strong foundation for any kind of relationship.


The way they laugh, the way they get excited about the things they like, their voice when they talk to pets or babies— things that set them apart. Things that appeal only to you. While they might not seem like a solid 10 to others, you’d give them a 12. That’s where being blind in love is okay. It’s pure, wholesome and from the heart.


But the minute you catch yourself being blindly in love with somebody who is emotionally distant, abusive or unavailable, the minute you start losing sight of your own self because ‘they mean everything‘ to you, the minute you realize that you’ve been crying yourself to sleep more often, run!


You don’t deserve to be that kind of hurt. And if somebody close to you warns you against people who might drain you out emotionally, at least consider what they have to say before giving them the ‘But they’re different with me!‘ speech. I know that it’s probably the last thing you’d want to hear but they might actually know something that you don’t.

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I’ve been on the giving end of this speech, so I can tell you that this is coming from a very reliable source. Like any typical 16-year-old, I slapped the ‘You know nothing!‘ card. Looking back, I really wish I had paid attention to what people were trying to warn me against. So that one is on me.

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I guess what I’m really trying to say is that love is blind, but it should only be to a certain extent. Anything more can make it extremely toxic and draining, not just for you, but in a lot of cases, also the other party involved. So, I really want each of us to be more mindful of ourselves when we decide to let somebody in.


Love with all of your heart, there’s nothing wrong with that. But also keep your mental health and happiness in mind.

Watch your step, darling.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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