Prowling the woods with bloodshot eyes,
Guarding the shrine, day through night,
For when the Blood Moon doth rise
Goddess Selene sheds her light.

Bound is the Lycan to her glory,
Nights devoted, head hung at her altar.
And every time she hath unleashed her fury,
He howls in agony, cries heard from afar.

But not of pains from cracking bones,
Nor that of a broken heart.
The Lycan thrashes and groans
For Selene’s creation that falls apart.

Knife meets knife, an eye for an eye,
The Lycan weeps for the world gone blind.
“Goddess, in the Heaven up high,
How does one, their humanity find?

It seems the whole world has gone astray,
We’re falling to pieces, one by one,
As your form shifts by the passing day,
Your creation comes unravelled, undone.

To your holy rage, I submit,
To the glowing embers of the Moon,
Give me the strength to resist,
I beg you, end this unrest soon.”

The Blood Moon so eerie like an ember glows,
The winds in the woods shift, birthing a storm.
The Lycan kneels, stronger the gust blows,
Another night, another Moon, another Lycan shall conform.

~©Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Michael LaRosa on Unsplash

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