The Unlearning- Part 2.

A few months ago, I talked about how grateful I am for having unlearned things that are potentially harmful to those around me as well as to myself. Today, I want to talk about unlearning things that you have seen the people around you believing in. I won’t name anyone or anything here simply because I need to stay aware of the repercussions that this might have on me or my loved ones, so I hope you understand.

better job

When we are born, we are assigned a name, an identity, as well as a religion that we don’t even know we want to be a part of yet. And the only reason we aren’t able to speak up is that infants cannot speak. And because nobody ever thought that we should be allowed to make our own choices instead of being forced to believe in something just because everyone else does. Over the years, we grow up exposed to the world making their different opinions heard. But we also learn that there are two other aspects that are above every other opinion in this world; they’re called ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

no one to blame

What guides the right and wrong? The simple code of humanity. Even ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ differ depending upon whose eyes you choose to look at things from. But humanity! That’s supreme. That’s irrefutable. That’s absolute. Nothing, no opinion or perspective can change the foundation on which the laws of humanity have been written. Because when it comes to humanity, there is only one stand you should be taking.


I grew up, as most of my peers did, listening to harmful no toxic ideologies regarding religion that went against every single thing that this country has stood for in the past. And no matter how much my brother and I have tried to unlearn these ideologies, it has not been enough to convince those who have never once considered the ramifications, the path that their ‘greater good’ was leading to. But you know what they say! The path to Hell we paved with good intentions.

road to hell

But if we want to make this world a better place for the generation we’re going to hand it over to, we have to realize and recognize the source of this problem. I’m not saying that this is going to be easy or happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. But we absolutely have to do better. And it has to start right now. Because if we keep on going t the rate we are, it won’t be long before we see everything around us burnt down to ashes and rubble.

tell the kids.gif

It took me a while to realize that making my stance clear about something was important. But I am growing. I am learning to look at things differently. Learning to stand up for what is right. I am unlearning the ideologies that had been forced on me for so long by the world. I am learning to take back the control I should rightfully have on my own life, enough to be able to voice my opinions and stand by what is right.

do whats right.gif

It’s not easy because people will try to bring you down when you try to stand for humanity. It’s a fight, but it’s a fight that we aren’t backing down from. I am proud of everybody today who has unlearned the opinions they were forced to grow up with simply because they stood against everything that humanity stands for. That is my generation and I am proud of it. All the more reason for every single one of you to start speaking up. People like you and me are getting hurt out there.

nothing good ever comes easy.gif

You may think that you’re safe from any kind of borrow in this world, pray to all of your false Gods and do your protection rituals. But that is only the most delusional thing to do because none of us safe from the kind of venom that is hurting and killing people who belong to our community. This ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality is what began so many wars in our history don’t let it happen again.

Speak up and try to unlearn. Do better. Stand for humanity. Because if we don’t, now, none of us making out of this.

With a heavy heart and battered soul,

The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Maria Krisanova on Unsplash

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