New Year’s Cleansing.

Happy New Year, everybody!

I’ve always had this policy that I would spend one drama-free day at the start of a new year. But of course, things change, circumstances change and so do policies. And for obvious reasons, I’m going to keep this as vague and general as possible on the off chance that somebody drags me into a twisted narrative that has so much more to it. And since it was personal, I couldn’t really stay out of it. And of course, out went any hope of spending a drama-free day. But at least, some good of it. I got to understand the true side of humanity.

it's all fine

Nevertheless, I’ll make most of whatever that can come out of the next 4 hours at least. I think that we’re always fighting one thing or another. Evolution hasn’t changed that. People fought for their survival back when humans were still evolving and now we fight for a whole bunch of things. It’s never-ending. And that is why I feel like all of us need to have at least one drama-free day, every year. Otherwise, how are we going to cleanse the kind of negativity that it brings into our lives?


Granted, my NYE didn’t go as planned and my first day in a new decade wasn’t exactly amazing either. But I’m choosing to let that slide and making sure that this one day doesn’t set the bar for the entire year for me because I refuse to let one tiny experience with something affect my entire opinion of it. I have never been one to jump to conclusions because it can only do more harm than good, and honestly, I don’t think that is ever going to change. How would I know if it gets better somewhere along the way if I got intimidated by the tiniest peek I got?


The same holds true for all of us. We let a lot of our past experiences carry over to our present, which can be a good thing if done sparingly. But we also overdo it so much sometimes, it leads us right back to square one, where nothing has changed and we’re still trapped within our bubbles of comfort. We’ve all had bad experiences at some point. But your past cannot dictate how you live you live and how you will choose to live. So this new year and decade, I’ve chosen to cleanse anything and everything from my past that keeps me from truly living my best life.

our actions

Of course, I’m going to continue every single writing project I have going on because I’m not a quitter. Just because I’ve been shaken doesn’t mean I’ve broken or given up. The world needs to try a lot harder than whatever they’ve been throwing my way, and I guess this is just the right kind of mindset that’s going to get me through a lot of tough times. So if I’m cleansing myself of anything today, it’s probably going to be negativity because I honestly have no time for any in my life.

claires letter

I’ve always tried to be as positive and supportive of everyone in my life, but it’s not a cakewalk. Sometimes the darkness takes over and I let it. But we’re just human beings trying to be better every day. We’ve all had a problematic period in our past. But of course, even if you try to rise above it, people will try to throw that in your face, no matter how much you’re actually trying to change. And that is what I want to cleanse off of me this year. I frankly don’t have the time, energy or patience to deal with anybody who doesn’t want to see sense this year.

What are you going to cleanse out of your life this year?

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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