Into the Sunset.

I spend my days reading stories of love,
My heart half wishing we could write our own,
I spend my nights wishing upon the stars,
Talking to the Moon, asking how you’ve been.
It’s almost unfair how far we have to be
When our souls want so differently;
How else can this magnetic pull make sense?
Somewhere, I’m sure, somebody’s laughing
At how terribly our love was fated to be,
Must be amusing to those who aren’t us—
After all, how could anyone but us know
All the heartache, how each other we crave;
I wonder if you remember at all
The words we last left each other—
It only feels like yesterday
And yet somehow so far away
Like some distant once upon a dream,
Like some misty form I can’t reach,
You gave me your heart and I gave you mine,
So why are we parted so?
A thousand reasons aren’t good enough
And I’ll go against the Fates if I have to
If it meant having you next to me,
But would you sail past the Sirens
To find your way back to me?
A thousand lifetimes and I’d still love you;
You once wanted a forever, do you still?
Just say the word, into the sunset we’ll go,
Hand-in-hand, over some distant hill.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Anton Darius on Unsplash

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