Same Old.

It’s always the same old song,
With the coy meet-cutes and strangers shy,
Always the batting of eyes and looking away,
The same old pining from a distance,
The same old will-they-won’t-they,
The same old do-they-don’t-they,
The age-old declarations of love,
The same old “It’s us against the world”.
Centuries of love stories precede us,
And hundreds of lovers have fallen;
So tell me how we aren’t doomed,
How we could’ve ever stood a chance!
Love makes fools of us all—
Like some false God we pray to,
Like some source of strength non-existent;
As though we could cross oceans
Like we aren’t mere mortals!
Time has been an unfair warden
And Fate his cruel mistress,
Love remains a task as it always has,
And all we can do is kneel
To its ever-glorious aura,
Hoping our poor hearts be spared,
For when it comes to handing hearts over
We’re just another story being told—
Innocent, naive, eyes full of dreams!
Oh, to be young and be in love!
What a wonderful thing to do!
We’re just another love story,
The same old girl-meets-boy,
The same old eye-meets-eye,
We’re so beautifully ordinary
Yet so exceptionally unique—
Though we aren’t a new melody,
Ancient love stares down at Time.
We’re the same old story being told,
In a new verse, in a new rhyme.

Featured Image by Cederic X on Unsplash

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