#NaPoWriMo Day 9: An Untitled Confession.

Nobody, not a single soul–
Except for maybe the moon up above,
Knows the kind of secrets I hold
Hidden in the darkest depths of mine,
Itching to claw their way out of me,
Everything I have buried long ago.
I could tell you, but you don’t know me yet,
And those who do, they’d never hear me say
Things that I rest on the tip of my tongue,
Loud, clear words ringing in my head,
Words I’d otherwise take to my grave.

But you’re different.
You’re mine.
So I’ll make an exception for you;
Let you in, let you break me,
While I whisper things in your ear,
Let you hear all that I couldn’t say.
Perhaps they were meant for you,
Perhaps it’s something I, deep down, knew.
Can you believe how badly I want to say them?
I want you to be the only one that hears me.

So, would you let me bare my soul?
Would you still stay with me,
After all that I’ve let you see
The deepest, darkest parts of me?
If I had to say them again, I would,
My words shall be yours and yours alone;
I’m breathless from holding back so,
Let me confess
If you want me to.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Today, once again, I chose to deviate from the given prompt and wrote about what it’s like to hold yourself back from saying the things you really want to tell the love of your life for reasons that nobody else can ever know. It’s a very heavy feeling that I’ve tried to convey in this very personal poem that I wasn’t even planning to publish. I hope you liked it. Xx

Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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