Undeniable Gravity.

How do I put into words
The way the world stops moving
When your eyes light up?

The brilliance of a thousand suns
That I’m afraid would blind me;
The way the moon causes the tides,
I’m hopelessly drawn to you—
Pulling me close,
Then pushing me away,
It’s a cruel game we play,
Day in and day out,
But we’re too far-gone now
To look the other way.

Funny how your gaze holds power—
You could hold me rooted
To the ground that I stand on,
And yet, I’m scared,
I’m not prepared
For what happens next
When one of us looks away,
Breaking whatever our eyes held,
Like the most delicate silken thread
Snapped like it was never there.

What do I call this?
Why does my heart race so?
I know nothing of love,
But this feels close.
I wonder why you hold
Such power over me—
Perhaps what draws us together
Is this undeniable gravity:
So if I fall for you,
Would you catch me?

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Emmanuel Phaeton on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Undeniable Gravity.

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  1. When love is sung, the words take on a special brilliance. How the sun gave its light so that it only shines before the loved one. It is refreshing to read verses full of pure youthful romance. He who awakens passions like this, regardless of whether our sky is falling.
    Your poem has failed me. Enjoy your reading

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