The Garden of No Pain.

Far away in a place somewhere,
Right in the middle of nowhere,
Hidden from the world outside,
Lies the most enchanting garden–
With a beauty to put Eden to shame,
And yet, nobody knows its name;
Perhaps this was a dream,
A beauty so entrancing, unreal,
Like a figment of my imagination,
Whether it exists, I couldn’t tell.

I wandered as aimless as the wind,
Going wherever my legs took me,
But not once in my wildest dreams
Did I imagine I’d stumble into a reverie.
And if my eyes are closed,
And all of this is in my head,
I beg you, never wake me up,
For this where I’m the happiest–
Frolicking in a garden somewhere,
Not a single worry, nor any care.

And if such a place were to exist,
I’d hide it away from the world,
I’d keep it all to myself if I could,
Not breathe a word to a single soul.
I keep waiting for the sun to set,
I keep waiting for the storm,
But it never does come for me,
And all there’s left is a gentle warmth;
As though no pain could hurt me,
As though I could weather any storm.

And should this dream disappear,
Should I be shaken rudely awake,
Let me mourn my garden in peace,
Nobody pinch me,
Just let me be.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

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