Tides of Memory.

Flashing memories from so long ago,
They now feel like some distant dream;
There I stood on the rocks before
The crashing waves in the ocean breeze,
Enveloped in that salty mist,
Gentle wind combing through my hair—
Oh, dear Sea I’ve terribly missed!
I’ll be long gone and you’ll still be right there.

So near, but oh, so far,
I wonder if the ocean ever thinks of me,
If it knows who these familiar faces are,
The ones seeking solace in the sea;
I wonder if it hides our secrets deep,
Hidden pearls in oysters safe,
I wonder what stories the tides must keep,
Away from all the give-and-take.

The drenched hem of my dress,
The sand in between my toes,
Frozen in time as the sun sets,
The world around me painted a warm gold;
Somewhere in the distance a seagull cries,
Mourning as the Sun says its goodbyes,
And I try to take in with my eyes
The scenery as though it is my last time.

I wonder where the tides go,
I wonder what they see,
If I’ll ever meet them on another coast,
In a different place, different sea.
Among millions of faces
Will the tides still find me?
All I’ll ever be to the ocean
Is a random face from a faraway memory.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Sean O. on Unsplash

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