With this post today, I complete 700 whole days of writing daily. It’s a lot longer streak than I ever imagined myself to keep, but here I am, pleasantly surprised and still trying to challenge myself into doing more. It has truly been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I couldn’t get myself to write anything on a lot of days and I still struggle with trying to find the right words to say here. But, almost as if it’s a sign, my friends are right here to remind me that what I write strikes a chord with them and that it’s something they needed to hear, and it’s pretty much what keeps me going because so many of us are going through so many different things. We may not be going through them all together, but it’s comforting, in a way, to know that there’s somebody out there who sees things the way you do, or is waiting to hear those words of comfort from you, whether they personally know you or not.

you just made my day

It is not the easiest thing to get out of bed and know what you’re going to write today. After all, a journal is made up of so much more than just memories. It’s made of progress, comfort, fear, love, pain and a whole lot more. Perhaps writing here is my way of letting people know that, sometimes, their worst fears aren’t always true and that they are much more than they think of themselves. To everybody who keeps stumbling across my blog, hi and thank you very much for being here, even on those days when I didn’t have a lot to say. I’ve grown a lot, as a writer, on this blog and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for every single person who reads the things I write here.

My friends are often busy and they don’t have a lot of time to catch up with my posts here, but they always make sure to send me a text and tell me that they’ll get around to reading what I write because it brings them happiness on hectic days, and it’s pretty much all that I need to hear. The biggest fear for a writer is to fade and be forgotten over time. For somebody who is still trying their hardest to bring their work out into the world, like me, their biggest fear is that their work might never end up seeing the light of the day. But if I am not really scared about my place as a writer, today, it is because of everyone who reads what I have to say. I am incredibly grateful for that.

thats all i wanted to hear

I only have one thing to tell people who still hesitate to call themselves ‘writers’: there are people who weren’t very well-known until years after they wrote their first work ever and that didn’t make them any less of a writer. There is no real ‘bar’ and there aren’t any rules that you need to follow to be a writer. You just need to pick up your pen and begin writing, no matter how badly that turns out. It gets better over time and I promise you that you’ll look back one day and see how far you’ve come. You have no reason to be afraid of doing what you love. It’s worth it and you’ll see it for yourself.

Thank you for sticking with me thus far and I hope you continue to do so for as long as I write here. Always remember that you’re very, very worthy of love and happiness and that you’re allowed to fight for and chase your dreams!

Yours truly,
The Shubhster! Xx

Featured Image by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

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