Sijo Saturday.

I finally got myself to write some Sijo today. I have been missing Sijo Saturday for a couple of weeks now, and I wasn’t very happy with it! I decided to get myself out of that slump and just write some Sijo because it always makes me feel so much better. If you want to read the Sijo I’ve written before, you can find them all here. It really helps me calm down. I almost didn’t make it today! But here are some nice, bite-sized pieces of poetry.

Happy reading!


I have wished in vain
                to find a way back,
                                led astray too many,
And a broken vase
                never loses cracks,
                                scars for eternity;
Yet, I keep holding on
                to strings that cut me—
                                should have cut them first.



Too much was broken,
                too much pain,
                                very little we could save,
It was a war we survived,
                                but neither of us went unscathed;
I’m weak
                if you came back tomorrow,
                                I’d want us to fix it.



I look for you in your sweet songs,
                                you’d once sing me to sleep,
The nightmares would go away,
                                and I’d drift off to sweet dreams;
The nightmares are here again,
                                but you’re nowhere to be seen.



Oh, to be the one to hold you,
                                at your darkest and your best,
At your most vulnerable,
                                and all that comes with the rest—
Wishful thinking got me nowhere,
                                now all I have is empty space.


I see you slipping further away,
                                where my arms cannot reach,
Nothing I can do,
                nowhere to find you,
                                mere memories I keep,
Of the all the laughter shared,
                                I now see our smiles disappearing.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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