It’s Not That Bad!

Sometimes, when you think that change is going to hit you the hardest, chances are that change is already happening all around you and you’ve been a part of that change the whole time.

I’ve spent the last couple of months wondering how I was going to deal with the major changes that were going to come my way, but now that they’re here, apart from feeling a little disoriented, I feel like I’ve fit right in. I wouldn’t deny that there were growing pains when change was happening, but they were nowhere as bad as I was expecting them to be.

You know how we procrastinate things to a point where we have no choice but to do it, and when we finally get things done, we realize that they weren’t as bad as we thought? It’s like that.

Yes, all the change has thrown my entire schedule off-balance and I have to work it all over again. But I find that I am not as exhausted by it as I expected to be. There are always moments when you wonder whether the changes headed your way are the right kind of changes for you. The thing is, there is no way to tell whether something is the right or wrong kind of change for your life. That is, unless you’ve allowed yourself to experience what the new changes bring.

And after living through the changes in these last couple of months, I’ve decided that it’s not as bad as I thought. This seems like the right kind of change for me. I’ve hardly noticed how the change has affected me because I’ve been caught up with so much work. But when I put it that way, me being caught up with too much work is the change that I didn’t think I could handle.

But I see that’s going well.

The point is, sometimes, we end up underestimating just how resilient we are, and I think that it hold us back from appreciating who we have grown into. We may not think we are ready for changes that are coming our way, and we may end up dealing with it badly, but at least it won’t be something we never expected. It could either be something we had foreseen, or something better.

You don’t have to embrace change when it is already happening around you. You just have to grow into it and let it shape you, or shape yourself around it.

Either way, it’s really not as bad as it looks. Xx

Featured Image by kalei peek on Unsplash

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