Embracing Myself.

Disclaimer: This post might seem like a cry for help, but I’m absolutely ROCKING, let me assure you of that! Don’t send me any pity messages/ comments.

Around November last year, I decided to stop worrying about how I looked, or what I wore, or how much I weighed. Ever since then, I feel like I have shed a part of the baggage that had been troubling me for a long time (and by that I mean since High School).


We’ve all been to high school, right? And even those of you who are still high-schoolers know that it is NOT a kind place. You’re tormented for being too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short, a nerd, a jock, a teacher’s pet, having acne, a cracked voice, a shrill voice — in a nutshell, there is absolutely nothing you can do right in high school.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and yell at myself for wasting so much time trying to cover up my acne because my stupid and horrible batchmates bullied me for something as natural as puberty. Eventually, they all grew out of being jerks, but the damage had already been done and my self-esteem remained low until after college.


After I decided that I was done hating myself for the way my genetically-determined features aligned themselves into the person I am today, I took baby steps like smiling at myself in the mirror at least once a day until I didn’t have anything to hate about myself. And sure, I have bad days, but it’s not a slippery slope.

It hasn’t been easy, and if you’re battling with self-esteem issues, I can’t give you false hope saying that it’s all rainbows and unicorns. It’s an extremely ugly battle, but it’s one where you’ll emerge the victor. I see so many of you battling with low self-esteem every day and it makes me so sad, but at the same time, I also see a lot of you accepting yourselves for who you are, and let me just say this: I am so proud of everybody on this journey.


I remember when my friend asked me what brought about this sudden change in me because I looked much happier. I didn’t know what to tell her and I still don’t. I’d like to say that “I just woke up one day and decided to love myself,” but that’s not how this works. It’s a process and you probably don’t realize how much better you’re doing until somebody points it out.

And to everyone who’s still struggling with low self-esteem, I just want to tell you that it’s okay. You’re all so beautiful, inside and out. Beauty isn’t and should be about “Congratulations on having a pleasant face”. It’s about how welcome people can feel in your presence, and that includes yourself when you’re alone with your thoughts.

Don’t end up with a swollen head, though! Sending everybody hugs.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey, guys! 
Here’s hoping that you liked what I had to say. Let me know if you did or didn’t in the comments below. Also, share this with your friends if you think they’ll like to read it. You can always reach me on my socials! I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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  1. Conflicted between a white woman’s “You go girl!” & the quintessential local “What a change-over mama!” 🔥💋💖😎 Good for you Shubs 🙌

    Liked by 2 people

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