The Story of My Blog.

It’s almost three years since I decided to start blogging, and I realized that I haven’t written about why I started The Shubhster Diaries, except for maybe giving you a snippet or two here and there, hidden in my many other posts.

There isn’t a big, life-changing, inspiring story behind this blog, but it definitely was the start of something big in my life. I realized that I had a lot of free time and use it I could spread positivity as much as I could through what I did best— writing. Unlike some good things that take time, this one was one of those times when I woke up and decided that I wanted to start blogging.

tenor (6)

I’ve always loved writing. I’ve worked pretty hard to make sure that I could write professionally, and even though I’ve done a good job so far, I’ve got miles to go. A blog seemed like the best way to start, even though I didn’t know the first thing about blogging when I began.

My blog started out small; I’d write about two or three posts in a month. Truth is that I felt as if I wasn’t good or influential enough to be doing this. I didn’t have any idea how powerful words could be until I wrote ‘Holding On and Letting Go‘, and a reader, Mr. Falknor, from Alabama told me how much it had helped him. I didn’t even realize anybody from the USA would be interested in reading my posts!

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Maybe that was the kind of motivation that I needed for writing more frequently after that. It was after a few conversations with Mr. Falknor that I decided to never stop writing on this blog, even if just a single person was reading it in the most remote corner of the world. I knew I could and would make myself heard through this platform, and it’s what I plan on doing now more than ever.

You wonderful people have been a lot of help in my journey, too! This blog has grown so much in the past few months alone, and none of it would be if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you for sticking around to read little tidbits about my life, and pieces of amateur advice from yours truly. It has been a truly wonderful ride, and here’s to growth!


I guess there’s no ‘moral’ or anything as such to this story. It’s simply a reminder to myself that I’m no hot-shot blogger (yet) and that all of this began from really, really spontaneous decisions that I will never regret, ever! I keep telling myself to make more of these crazy decisions because if I have the time to think about it, I’ll overthink things and ruin them. It’s still a work in progress, so is my blog, and so am I.

Just take a step back, run and jump!

Cheerio! Xx

Hey, everyone!
I know this isn’t anything like my usual posts, but it’s what I felt like writing about today, and I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey. Let me know if you did in the comments below. You can always contact me on my socials (links on the sidebar for PC, and below for mobile). I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.


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      1. Good , reading your blog is treat for me, enjoy writing, I will enjoy reading.
        God bless flow of positive thoughts keep flowing through u to us.

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  1. Every post shared by a blogger is beautiful and it was definitely worth reading as it’s great to know about the blogger. Our communications are through post and story of every bloggers not only inspires but also brings a smile of positivity and connectivity.
    You truly express beautifully. Never stop expressing yourself .

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