Day 9: One Word to Describe Me.

I gave this a fair bit of thought and I ended up on one word and one word only. Somehow, I always seem to find a way back to this word when I think of who I really am, and it makes a lot of sense; you’re about to see why soon! But before that, I need to explain why knowing the one word that describes you best is important since we’re on the journey towards self-discovery and all that.

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Over time, I have realized that knowing your strengths is very important. If you don’t exactly know them, it’s important to have some kind of idea of what you’re good at. And it’s not an easy task because most of us spend a major part of our lives looking for the answers to who we really are inside.

bring it

Now, if I were being interviewed and I was asked this same question, my answer would be something like ‘Creative’ or ‘Innovative’. But since this is my blog, I pretty much make all the rules here and I’m answerable to nobody, it’s totally okay if I made references to pop-culture or kept the tone here semi-formal, or even all-out informal. After thinking it through, I decided that the one word that describes me best is ‘Ravenclaw‘.


Before you tell me that making references at the age of 22 to the Hogwarts House I was Sorted into is absolutely childish and stupid, I would like to elaborate. And boy, do I have the receipts! The word is an umbrella term for a lot of traits that I am pretty sure I possess. That being said, I speak for everybody when I say that J.K.Rowling is a mad genius for having come up with the Sorting system on Pottermore because it’s so accurate!


The traits that a Ravenclaw would be associated with, for those of you who have no idea what this means, would be cleverness, intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality, acceptance and occasionally, even a little competitiveness. As if that wasn’t enough, I can tell you that the first thing I wanted to get inked when I was getting my first ever tattoo was the word ‘Ravenclaw’ because it is a perfect description of who I am. (It might actually be my next tattoo!)

Blair Waldorf

True to form, I come across as the studious type, when in reality I hate deadlines, rules and actual academic studying which happens to be a universally accepted Ravenclaw characteristic. My mind is always processing, like, 3 or 4 different things at once because being focused on just one task bores me. I perform my best when I’m not even trying, and even though I might not show it, I am super competitive and I feel like I need to aim for the stars in full speed.


My biggest short-term goal is to have a huge library at home with a cozy corner to read books. I love learning, but I actually kind of hate it when that’s what I’m supposed to be doing, which is also very in-character, I’ve been told. And not to brag, but in spite of what I just said, I’ve always scored good grades during my academic years even though I barely put in a fraction of the work my peers put into studying.


And finally, in case it wasn’t already obvious, I love being creative. I thrive when I’m surrounded by creativity and inspiration. Painting, performance arts, photography, writing, poetry, singing, crafts— I love all of them and I love getting my hands dirty with paint, glitter, glue or ink. I actually like having random paint stains on my T-shirts and jeans and my choice of beverage is the Ravenclaw favourite— coffee!


So, yes! I would actually use the word ‘Ravenclaw’ to describe me because it works best! What word would you use to describe yourselves? Let me know in the comment below. Dig deep, find out what describes you best!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash

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