Small Favours, Bigger Hearts.

22nd June, 2019

“Dear Diary,
Back when my brother was born and Mum was in the hospital for a few days, it was just Dad and me at home. But I don’t remember a time when we ever had to worry about anything at all because the colony we lived in was full of people who were, more or less, our extended family, and they would always come to each other’s aid when anybody needed help. Maybe it didn’t seem like a big deal to them, but I can tell you that Mom is forever grateful for all the help.


One thing, however, that will stand out the most to me was how my best friend’s mother took me under her wing like one of her own. My best friend and I have always been close, a lot like siblings, and Aunty was, and will always be like a second mother to me. She has a huge chunk of my heart, and that hasn’t changed even after all these years.”


A lot of times, we overlook all the things people outside blood have done for us along with the place they hold in our lives. But let me tell you something, sometimes, these are the people who will go further than our blood relations would ever go for us. They’ll hold a bigger place in your heart than some of your family, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I am incredibly grateful to have such gems in my life.


A love like that doesn’t fade away over time. Although we hardly ever get to talk, and we live in different time-zones, when I met my best friend from my childhood and Aunty after 16 years, no love had been lost. The list of people I can say that about, I can easily fit in the palm of my hand. They do not come by too easily, and if you ever find them, please cherish them at all costs because you’ll never find people like these again.


Always remember the people who were there for you when you needed them, even if you didn’t ask for it out loud. These are the ones to be grateful for in life, the ones worth crossing oceans for. Because once they have your heart, they’ll set up roots and become a part of you forever.

And I think that it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! For day 22, I chose to write about someone I’m grateful for in life. If you have similar stories or liked the post, leave me a comment below! You can also contact me on my Instagram. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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