Day 28: “Are You Happy?”

I was surprised that I got this as my prompt for the day because this question doesn’t have a straight answer. Also, because people rarely ever ask me this question because they assume I’m just cheerful and bubby all the time and nobody outside my family truly knows about my rare, but damaging anger issues. See? We don’t always know what’s going on.

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We always ask people how they’re doing or how they have been since you last had any sort of communication, but we never ask anybody if they’re truly happy. Unless something seems off about them, this question rarely comes up. I hate to say this, but although I mean to ask this question when I talk to people, but I get carried away and I never get around to it. I promise myself that I’ll consciously make an effort to ask people this from now until it becomes a habit.


What’s so important about a simple question, you ask? You never know what anybody is truly going through, not even if you talk to them every single day. They might not be honest with you about it. It’s like saying that you’re okay when you really aren’t; I know that all of us are guilty of doing that. Asking someone if they’re happy is a simple way to let them know that you care, and I cannot tell you this enough, but there is no such thing as ‘caring too much’.

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Am I happy, in general? Yes. Am I happy in this particular moment? Not really because I just read a few tweets from my mutuals that discussed creepy, shady, disgusting people doing everything in their power to not respect the concept of ‘consent’, which is disgusting, by the way. Was I happy today? Absolutely! I’m doing great. But no matter how happy we’ve been overall, we all go through things that have us second-guessing for a while.


I’m going to keep this really short, but if you talk to anybody from now on, try to make it a point to ask people if they are happy. Let them know that they can approach you if they ever need somebody to talk to, no matter what it is. You never know who you’re going to end up helping by just listening to them. Let’s start being a little more compassionate to those we share this world with.

It’s just a simple question and it costs you nothing. Just care a little more and don’t be afraid of showing the world that you have a big heart.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Andreas Weiland on Unsplash

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