Day 27: 6 Little Things to Appreciate.

Not to brag, but I am one of those annoying people who love everything about their life. I have a wonderful and supportive family, no matter how much our opinions clash sometimes, I have the most amazing friends a person can ask for, and it looks like I am right on track to get to where I want to be in life. But sometimes, you have to stop and smell the roses on the way because it’s the little and seemingly ‘insignificant’ things that matter the most.

smell the roses

In our crazy and fast-paced lives, we often forget that we are not invincible; that we’re humans and not robots. We are here for a short time and sometimes, in our search for the ‘perfect life’ that we dream of, we forget the fact that it’s the drops that make the ocean. So no matter how little a gesture or aspect in life seems to us right now, it’ll mean the world to you when you look back one fine day.

diary elena

So here’s a list of 6 little things in life that we all need to appreciate more:

1. Random hugs from friends. 
Today, for absolutely no reason, I remembered my time at college where almost every day, my friends would greet me with a hug. Now that I’ve graduated and all my friends are in different cities, I miss those random hugs because I can’t remember the last time I got them.

giphy (22)

It’s not that I lack any now, but greeting each other with a hug right before a stressful exam or a hurriedly prepared class presentation or even just passing by each other in the hallways meant a lot more to me than I thought it would.

2. Sunrises/ Sunsets. 
On an early morning car drive today, I realized how long it has been since I watched a sunrise in all of its blazing glory. One might wonder what’s so special about them since they happen every single day.


But if you’ve ever spent even 5 minutes of your time observing sunrise or a sunset, you’ll realize how quickly it can go from dark and murky to streaks of bright pastel. They have a magic of their own.

3. Photo Albums. 
Whenever I feel like I need a little cheerer-upper and nothing that I usually do help, I take out my childhood photo album and sit down to look at them and remind myself that I’ve come a long way.

younger self

Sometimes, you need to take a beat and tell yourself that if you’ve made it this far,  you can go further. Other times, it’s just a fun excuse to flip through your old photos and smile a little.

4. People smiling genuinely. 
It’s the most precious thing in the world! Every time I’ve seen somebody smile with their eyes, I’ve been floored because it’s such a beautiful thing to look at. Nothing with make your day like seeing somebody smile wholeheartedly, especially when they deserve to be happy after everything they’ve been through.


There aren’t enough smiles in the world. Who knows? Maybe somebody out there is thinking this exact same thing about your smile.

5. Falling in love again with a song after a very long time. 
Music is a very important part of our lives. It’s so important, you start associating people and events in your life with certain songs. But, things can go wrong sometimes and you can’t listen to the song you love so much without it bringing up memories.


But after a long time, after you’ve healed, you come home to that song and you associate it with new people and events. That is one of the best feelings ever and it is so underrated.

6. Scents that trigger memories. 
Coming across something that smells like a long-forgotten memory is one of the best feelings ever. I’ve come across scents that I couldn’t really put a finger on where I remembered them from, and it’s quite intriguing.


They have the power to lift your spirits within the snap of a finger because for a moment, you get preoccupied with trying to figure out where you remember the smell from.

So these are just some of the little things that I think should be appreciated a lot more because of the power they can have over us. What little things do you think should be appreciated more? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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