What Discipline is to Me.

I am not the most disciplined person in this world. In fact, I am anything but disciplined. In a true-blue Ravenclaw fashion, I hate rules and everything to do with them, I have a pretty crazy sleep-schedule, I do whatever I like and I refuse to let society police or shape me into the kind of person they think I should be. In short, I hate having to play by the rules if I am ever in such a situation; I’ll do it, but I’ll probably grumble the time.


Even when I am writing, I don’t exactly prefer a calm environment like most people would. Instead, I like to be right in the middle of chaos to work better. I guess that explains why and how I’m able to work even when I’m on an overnight journey. I might be doing something I love, but I don’t really prefer having a clean or artistic work-station; anywhere works because, amidst all the bustle, I manage to find stories to tell.

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But when I truly love doing something, I will do it regularly. That’s where my discipline kicks in. It’s not that I’m selfish and I’ll only be disciplined enough to serve my own purpose regardless of what happens to everything else in life, it’s just that I’d much rather spend my time doing things I love and live a full life instead of doing the same old thing that some ‘rule’ written by some whatshisname wants me to.

you were saying

We all have our own definitions of discipline. Mine is (metaphorically) drowning myself in inspiration until I find an outlet for the millions of ideas in my head. To me, discipline is about not wavering from what I believe in, doing everything in my power to be kind to those around me, and spread nothing but positivity, all while also doing what I love— writing.


And it’s not easy. At all. So many people would rather read Page-3 gossip than the kind of content that I choose to write, and while it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I refuse to start following the same kind of content here. The world of content is cutthroat and obviously full of a lot of bloodshed, and pushing my content is something that I’ve been doing for over 3 years now. I refuse to give up on this. That’s discipline.

Blair Waldorf

I’m sure we all love something enough to stick to it. That is the kind of love that stems out of discipline. When people ask me where I get the discipline from to write every day, this is what I want to tell them but I’ve never been able to bring myself to say it. I guess I just didn’t have the right words then. But I do now, and if I could help it, I would write every single day for the rest of my life (let’s try to stick to the remainder of my target of 365 days for now, though).

bring it

I think that as kids we’re taught to be a certain kind of disciplined, which we grow out of over the years. But that doesn’t mean that we become reckless or ‘indisciplined’. It simply means that we learn to channel discipline into certain aspects of life where it is really needed so that we can truly let loose where we need to.

Things don’t need to be as ‘organized’ as they seem, do they?

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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